The Five 'Secrets' of the Law of Attraction

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In the title, "The Five 'Secrets' of the Law of Attraction,'' I've placed inverted commas around the word 'secrets,' because, in truth, there aren't any secrets.

All of us at some time have passed a five star hotel, perhaps watched as a couple climbed out of a beautiful limousine and walked through the doors as though they owned the place. They're wealthy. Very wealthy. So let's write down these five 'secrets' and then explore them.

Number one. The Unconscious Law of Attraction.

Number Two. The Conscious Law of Attraction.

Number Three. Who first discovered the Law of Attraction?

Number Four. What is the Law?

Number Five. Putting the Law to use.

We'll start sensibly with Number One. The Unconscious Law. We watch as the lady and gentleman enter the hotel. Porters and bell hops swarm around the couple, waiting for the crumbs in the way of tips that will fall from the master's table. This couple practices the Law of Attraction to its fullest extent, but they probably don't realize they're doing so. They have total self-confidence. So far as they're concerned, there's no such word as failure. Oh, I'm sure they've failed in their lifetimes, but it always comes as a shock to them when they do. They simply expect success.

Number Two. The Conscious Law. Those of us lucky enough to have heard about it, try our best to practice it. We try so hard to put all negative thoughts from our minds, and concentrate purely on the positive. The couple just described may not have even heard of the Law. We have, though, and try our best to claim its power.

Number Three. No-one 'discovered' the Law of Attraction. It's always been, ever since the Universe came into being, if it ever did. It may be eternal, though no-one knows. Mankind has been privy to the Law for thousands of years, but in recent times it's become esoteric, indeed anyone outwardly professing it has been considered eccentric at best, a lunatic at worst.

Number Four. What is the Law? Quite simply, the Universe holds all the riches we could possibly want. Unfortunately, there seems to be a stigma against being wealthy; either you're a crook, or you inherited your money. If the latter, then you're a spoiled brat! The Law of Attraction is a means whereby you may attain wealth and success, even freedom from illness, provided you believe in it absolutely.

Number Five. This brings us to the manner in which we may put the Law to use for us. The method is to think about what you really want in life. It may not be money and it may not even be for yourself. Whatever the situation, you write down your needs, visualizing them as you go. And really visualizing, not just letting your wishes, perhaps a new car, merely flash through your mind. What make is the car? What model? Its colour? Does it have leather upholstery, or vinyl? What colour is the upholstery, etc. Make it so real in your mind that when you look out of your window, you fully expect to see it.

Finish your list and read through it, visualizing it as you go. Then, in the quiet times of night and morning, read the list again, visualizing all the time. It's entirely up to your state of mind as to how quickly the Law of Attraction will work for you. It can happen fairly quickly for those with an absolute belief. It sounds so easy, but it's equally easy to be sidetracked. When you're reading your list , that's all that exists in your world at that time

Work the Law properly, and all things are possible

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The Five 'Secrets' of the Law of Attraction

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This article was published on 2010/03/27