Tha Art of Manifestation

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 How many times have you been faced with what appeared to be an insurmountable problem and you silently wished you could delegate it to someone else for the solution. Or have you ever sat day dreaming—building wonderful images on the screen of your mind—wishing you had a huge sum of money, wanting to make a trip to some exotic place or possibly hoping to be able to buy the car you have always wanted? Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was someAladdin Lamp that would give help us in the manifestation or allow us to live a life we chooseWell, there is and it has been with us since beginning of time. Therefore you can be, do or have anything if you allow the Infinite Intelligent Substance to flow through you.

You know everything in this Universe is made up of energy. Quantum Physicists have recently proved that matter is delusion. This energy which gives form and shape to everything and everyone is not dull. It is also in the space that you call emptiness. Since the beginning of time, spiritual people have been telling us that whatever you imagine in your mind's eyes has already happened in Universal Vortex. Now all you have to do is to work for its manifestation in physical equivalent. And you can do this by virtue of constantly holding images of things you want. This concludes that we human beings have the access over that Intelligent Substance. Our brain is designed that way. Slit lamp experiment proves, "Observer affects what is observed". In other words, manifestation happens of the things we observe.

Nicolas Tesela once added, "If you want to understand Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration". Like attracts like , Predominant images you hold in your mind creates a particular vibration in your being—in your invisible body which penetrates inside your body and presents as an electromagnetic field of 5-10 feet around your body. If you think most and feel most of love, care, compassion and abundance, you will eventually attract people, events and circumstances that would results in manifestation of the reality that matches with your vibration. This is the secret behind Positive Thinking.

It is measured that positive emotions like love, kindness, compassion etc, have highest vibration and are hundred times more powerful than those of negative emotions like resentment, jealousy, anger, etc. Your thoughts alone can do nothing unless you add emotions with them because these are your emotions that indicate the strength or weakness of your vibrations. Emotions give vitality to thoughts. Thus thoughts become impregnated with creative power and allow for us the manifestation of desired things. You don't need to go anywhere to analyze if your vibration is high which attracts good things in life or low which attract bad things. Observe your own thoughts and emotions everyday in every moment. This may seem hard for beginners and of course it is. Only practice will make you perfect. But once you have grip over this exercise, you have half transformed your life—you have half become the master of manifestation. Your higher consciousness will be activated and you will become aware of why you are what you are and why you have what you have. You will begin to think thoughts to promote an inexhaustible supply of prosperity, health and happiness.

Your current predominant thoughts and emotions are creating your tomorrow. So again, nothing is more important than feeling good. You can do this by listening to your favorite music or playing with the baby you love or if eating a sandwich gives you happiness, do it. It is recommended to turn to meditation. It helps you to control your thoughts. You are likeliness of God which knows only lavish abundance and positive feelings allow God to work through you for manifestation of his lavish abundance.

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Tha Art of Manifestation

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This article was published on 2012/03/09