Law of Attraction and Money - Starting Small

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As soon as most people find out about the Law of Attraction and money processes and techniques, the first thing they do is apply the techniques to attract lots and lots of money. Now I am not saying this is wrong, but what I am saying is only a small percentage of people actually attract the Big Money. Why is that?

I will explain why, First of all you need to believe that what you are doing will work, as the Law of Attraction is probably a relatively new subject to most of you or even a subject that some people just do not believe because nothing has worked, it can be very difficult to obtain that total belief and trust.

What I did to get it to work, Yes actually work!, is as soon as I learned about the Law of Attraction, I felt exhilarated and excited, that there was a process that could change my life. The thing with me is I do not go in head over heels. I always take baby steps first until I feel comfortable. The first thing I did was to attract 1p, which I also had the belief that I could find it anywhere in the street, so it was not great step to believe I could attract it, then I added a 0 on the end so it was 10p, then another 0 till it was £1 and so on and so on, only adding another 0 on the end when the first manifestation had appeared.

I was amazed, it would just come to me, or I would find it in the street, or someone would give me money that was owed. What this process was actually doing was not just getting me richer, but also creating a strong firm solid belief in me that I can attract £1000 or £10000 and easily as attraction 1p or 10p,. The thing is I continued to do this and I have just received £10000 for which I purchased my new car, A policy matured which I had forgotten about as I had moved house and they could not contact me. Strange Ay!

However what this process has given to me, is a complete and total belief and trust in the power of the Law of Attraction and money process. I am now going to add another 0, so for now have fun and remember start small. All of this is not there to be hard work, it is there to play with like in an amusement park. When you get this, then you start the fantastic game of creating your life.

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Law of Attraction and Money - Starting Small

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This article was published on 2010/03/27